The H.P.S. (Human Protective Services) is a military corporation that was created by the United Nations to combat macro threats worldwide; their tactics focus on recon, rescue, defense, and offensive operations. The corporation was initially founded two years after the macro invasion of 1992; since then, The United Nations placed H.P.S. bases in the countries of Russia, France, Israel, South Korea, and North America; recruiting soldiers of any race, nationality, gender, or class. H.P.S. soldiers are almost always equipped with the proper gear & weaponry to combat macro threats of any size, as well as having the capability of navigating different types of terrain in specially designed military vehicles.

Side Notes:

  • Due to the increase of macro attacks on the micro populace, humans and other micros must sign a draft at the age of seventeen to enlist in either SWAT or H.P.S. factions.
  • Macros are allowed to work for the H.P.S., however, they must be in “Good Standing” with the micro population, and are not allowed to commit any actions viewed negatively according to the micro populace.